Hold My Heart


As I lay with my love, feeling with my fingertips the warmth of his bones beneath his skin and caressing with my lips the invisible lines of his face, I thought of a poem. If I had opened my mouth and let the words fall from my tongue, this is what my love would have heard:

I don’t want you to be simply my first.

I don’t want you just for a season.

Be my last. Be my forever.

I have opened my heart to you, and only you.

Hold it, and it will soften and bloom in your hands.

Drop it, and it will shatter as a hardened windblown rose shatters on the rocks by the sea.

Guard my heart as only you can.

Guard it as I cannot.

But joy and fear and peace silenced me, and instead of speaking I opened my lips to the lips of my love and let him taste on my tongue the words I did not have to say.

© J. Grace, 2015


About J. Grace

During the day I study medicine. At night I think and dream. Sometimes, in the moments in between, I write. View all posts by J. Grace

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